National conference on "World Peace throuh Indian music"

Music is finest among all the forms of fine arts. It is all pervasive. When you feel your heartbeats, you will find it rhythmic, when you listen to chirping of birds, you find it melodious, when you listen to the flowing water of a river, you will find it soothing. Marking its presence everywhere Music is considered as that language which is known by all. It binds people together in a thread that isn't visible but felt. Music can be associated with all types of occasion, be it happiness, sadness or a moment of pride. It is part and parcel of any event that takes place in human being's life. Music has also been playing vital role in resolving disputes and developing peace in many situations. Music is the key to a person's heart. It builds the pathway from one person to another which helps in bridging the gap. From years, music has been used as a treatment in conflict situations. Most importantly it is Music has been effective in maintaining peace everywhere. Especially Indian Music is remarkably popular all over the world. The conference is based on a theme of "Role of Indian Music in World Peace". It emphasizes the fact that Music has been a powerful tool which is effectively and efficient maintaining harmony, brotherhood and peace among nations. It talks about how music in its different forms has been successfully effective in maintaining peace among nations.

This conference envisages promoting this campaign by providing a platform to faculties, academicians, practitioners, researchers to deliberate upon by presenting their research papers.



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