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Healing power of Love and Music
Rehabilitation and development of communication skills for children with various disabilities through the music

About the program

The foundation provides special-needs children with complementary opportunities not only to develop communication skills, but also to increase self-awareness and the ability to function in relation to others.

Music therapy, sensory based approach, taps into the mind of the child in a way that the therapeutic modalities of self-regulation, expressive language, cognitive processing and the connection with the body are enhanced holistically. Listening to music, learning to sing, and playing a musical instrument activates mental processes which naturally heal. Paradoxically, children who are unable to actively participate also experience tremendous healing and are able to express emotions in response to the music.

Creating studios in orphanages attracts professionally qualified teachers and to each center and experts for joint creation of small creative projects in the form of audio and video materials.


Our facilities are located in Centers for Promoting Family Education, as well as rehabilitation centers for children with special needs in 3 regions of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Kaliningrad Region (Kaliningrad, Zelenogradsk).

Project team
Elena Podnebesnykh
Clinical child psychologist, neuropsychologist, PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, music therapist, scientific publications and manuals author
Galina Leshchik
Inclusive education teacher, music therapist, founder of the medical&patient organization for Ondine's curse, children with disabilities articles author
Ekaterina Lobankova
Certificated music historian, teacher, lecturer, music therapist, family music school "We will music" founder
Alexey Shorokhov
Psychologist with EMDR approach specialization, training organiser, music therapist, musical instruments expert
Maria Samonova
Singer, musician, music therapist, Faculty of Psychological Counseling student
Julia Gorkovaya
Music therapist, Faculty of Pedagogy student with specialization in preschool education and speech therapy
Maria Zharkova
Music therapist, Faculty of Pedagogy student with specialization in inclusive education of children with disabilities
Our lessons

"Healing power of love and music" program is applicable to a wide range of child physiological and psychological characteristics. Therefore our classes are unconventional with the format depending entirely on children capabilities. We conduct individual and group classes, initiate energetic activities as well as quiet meditations.

The instrument choice is a very important aspect in music therapy. The tools we use during classes refer to different eras and cultures. We offer children the most effective tools based on the diagnosis.

We regularly hold concerts with invited musicians and animators. Children get acquainted with different musical directions and instruments as well as take part in amusing and entertaining holidays.

The hardest part is to find a common language with disabled children failing to utilize effective communication skills. In addition to extensive experience in psychology and pedagogy our teachers also have remarkable mental qualities enabling them to work with the most complex diagnoses.
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