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International Festival «Healing power of love and music»

The festival «Healing power of love and music» is an interactive platform for experience and knowledge sharing, demonstration of music therapy technologies, practices and methods of experts involved in rehabilitation, correctional pedagogy and musical therapy.

The event will be interesting for:
- Music therapists
- Art therapists
- Psychologists
- Experts in rehabilitation
- Experts in correctional practises

120-150 people are expected to participate.

The festival will be attended by the team of the project «Healing power of love and music», the senior officials and teachers of the Centers for Promoting Family Education in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zelenogradsk, Kaliningrad; experts in correctional and rehabilitation practices, art therapists, students.

Event holders
Charitable Foundation «Silver Thread»
NGO Program «The Castle»

Looking forward to meeting you on July 23-24 at Insterburg Castle!

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