Sphere of Opportunities

Creative eco-classes and the project "Good caps"

In the Centers for promoting family education "Mayak" and "Scarlet Sails", ecology classes are held twice a week. Such training is organized as a part of the "Sphere of Opportunities" program.

On July 21, the main topic of the ecology lesson was the rational use of plastic materials. The goal was to demonstrate to children the importance of plastic waste recycling. Together with the teachers, children studied the variety of materials that can be produced out of recycled plastic. We also learned about separate waste collection.

The children were very impressed by the project "Good caps". The project inspired them to contribute to environmental protection by making wonderful creative crafts from plastic bottle caps. Plastic being a harmful waste and pollutant was eventually turned into a piece of art. Children who made the best handicrafts were awarded with delicious sweet gifts provided by our partner “Turron de Montserrat”.